Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Golf Physiology - Breathing is the Secret to Your Golf Swing

Today I want to share with you one of the biggest Secrets in golf that will transform your game. It is as basic and fundamental to human life as it is to your golf game. Quite simply is about the breath. That's right breathing. It is how and when you breathe that will not only help you tap into the rhythm of life but also into the rhythm of your golf swing.

Most golfers get over the golf ball and it into their stance, go through their routine, their set up and hold their breath throughout the golf swing. Unfortunately in holding their breath they lose their natural swing and cause themselves injury because they freeze the rib cage. By breathing in a particular pattern you free up the rib cage and your full movement and can play through the ball rather than to the ball.

When a golfers does the typical trying to hit the ball, they quite often pull back because they are playing to the ball. Even in micro movements this changes the outcome and can easily lead to injury as well slicing and hooking the ball, or even worse duffing it or top hitting the ball. The more poor shots you have, the more energy you use, the more tired you get. You get the drift.

A strong suggestion is that in your practice routine you practice breathing. Practice breathing in on the backswing starting from the time you start moving the club back to the top of the swing, then the natural changeover into the downswing is when you start breathing out in a nice even out breath, out through the ball and don't stop breathing out until your club is pointing towards the target. So again, breathing in on the backswing and breathe out through the ball to the target.

Here is a hint. Play to the target not to the ball.
If you haven't been conscious or aware of it before notice your breathing and whether you breathe when you are over the golf ball. It is recognised in most sports that people are at their highest strength on the out breath. We see this most vividly in weightlifting, boxing and martial arts. The breath is a crucial key to high performance. In addition to allowing you to tap into your own natural rhythm, it keeps your physiology, your body in peak condition and movement for high performance.

Not only that, breathing is crucial in your shot routines including in helping you to manage your emotions and to stay relaxed. Have you noticed that whenever you become frustrated, angry, upset, or flustered on the golf course you breathe less. Your breathing becomes shallow, faster, you swing faster, you make more mistakes and spiral into your worst round. Your routines go out the window and you become inconsistent.

Breathing is a wonderful anchor within your routines. It will transform your golf swing. Interestingly by playing your golf swing to your natural breathing pattern your swing gets closer to the ideal ratio of 62% of time in the backswing and 38% in the downswing. It also allows the mind to be clear and your physiology to work as one moving towards a decision and your commitment to play to your target. Some of you who understand mathematics and physics will recognise this ratio referred to in ancient times as the Golden mean.

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